The Wedding Experience

My dream clients are in love, like totally completely and utterly (’The Notebook’ worthy)Krista Hargrove Photography Tennessee Wedding Photographer in love.

There is nothing easier than capturing a couple who is completely relaxed when encased in their lover’s arms.

As you will soon see, my clients aren’t just clients- they are part of the family. Building a personal friendship with my clients is the #1 most important step in this process because how is anyone supposed to tell your story if they know nothing about you and your love?

As you look through my portfolio you may notice that there isn’t a specific aesthetic or signature style. This is because all of my client’s personalities and styles are different and I want to make sure that with a simple attention to detail, my clients’ genuine personalities are able to shine through which makes it easy for me to show a true snippet into the love and connection they share.

Here’s what to expect-

After I receive your contact form, I will send an email to schedule an initial phone call, just 10 min to help us get to know each other a bit. If we feel confident that this may be a good fit then the next step is to schedule a coffee date! (Or drinks… your choice) This is the perfect time to talk about a general timeline, the who’s whats and wheres of the day, expectations and desires, budget, and of course you and what brought the two of you together!

After this sit-down, I will create a custom quote that will outline what we discussed and a price breakdown. Once the quote is accepted and a deposit is made it’s time to breathe because now I get to take over for a bit!

Here’s one of my favorite parts…

At least 2 months prior to the big day I take my couples
out for an engagement session! This is a 30-45 min complimentary session where we can walk around and find each others comfort zones. I cherish this time so much because there isn’t any pressure or added stress of a timeline.

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These session images are typically delivered within 2 weeks and are perfect for save the dates and wedding websites!



kristahargrovephotography (1 of 1)-2.jpgHere we are, a month before the Big Day-

It’s time for the final details meeting where we typically meet at the venue to walk through the timeline of events, meet the venue coordinator, and discuss any other special details of the day. This is typically the last time we connect until the day of your wedding.

Today Is the Day-

It’s finally here, and everything is perfect! No need to worry, I’ve got you covered…

*Insert your perfect day here!



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