Our biggest hope is to document the truest, most honest view of your day. When you look back on your album, we want you to be able to remember all of the emotion and feelings that you and your guests experience.  


KHP is a licensed and insured professional photography service specializing in wedding and portrait photography. We are based out of Chattanooga, TN but love celebrating at your fabulous destinations as well!

Meet Krista! -Lead Photographer

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I’m so glad you’re here, and I’m even more excited to meet you in person soon!

A little bit about me and my photography background: I’ve always had an interest in photography, particularly anything including nature. I used to spend time in the summers with my great aunt and uncle and they always had those giant coffee-table books full of beautiful images from around the world. Studying those images and having them affect me so profoundly is what inspired me to pick up a camera myself. Early on my focus was more on landscapes but I found a love for portraiture and the way people interact with each other while studying photography in school. There’s just a certain sort of magic about an image and the art of photography in general. How amazing is it that we can capture one tiny little blip in time for the rest of eternity? And the way an image can move you all the way to your core… it’s truly priceless!

Colorado is where I call home. It is where I was raised, where I learned to love the outdoors, and where I met my wonderful husband. Today the definition of ‘home’ changes frequently for our family because of my husband’s service with the Army. I am blessed by my husband and our two beautiful children who have made excellent models for my growing curiosity in this amazing world of photography. Even though our physical home changes, I always feel at home when they are in my arms!

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