A Photographers View On How A Perfect Wedding Day Can Turn Out Truly Perfect.

Any wedding day can be perfect.

It doesn’t matter the style or place, the colors or decor, the dress or tux, everyone has their own vision of their perfect day.
There is one thing that most perfect wedding days have in common… that fun, steady, hardworking slave driver behind the scenes making sure that everything runs smoothly.
From your photographer’s standpoint, there is nothing more refreshing than a killer professional wedding coordinator!

When things start to get a little crazy and there isn’t a specific person making sure your day stays on track, the coordination and movement of people tends to fall on your photographer.

I’ve been in this position before.

There wasn’t anyone there to herd the day along so when the timeline started to fail I was the one who had to step up to make sure my clients big day was a success.
Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve coordinated in the past so I am good at making sure things don’t fall apart, but I found it very hard to document the day in the way that I wanted to. I noticed that I wasn’t able to hide enough to catch those completely candid moments that I love so much.


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My advice?

Hire a professional… preferably someone you like and trust because they are who you are relying on to make sure your day is PERFECT.
(I have a couple of amazing, hardworking, super cool chicks on my preferred vendor’s list that I would love to share with you!)

Don’t have the extra funds in your budget to afford a professional?

Maybe there is a spouse of one of the groomsmen that is super cool and organized that could step in to help!? Maybe Aunt Sally’s best friend is overly excited and begging for a task to help her feel involved? Anyone not directly involved in the flow of the day would be a great choice.
Remember, your parents, grandparents, and bridal party members already have a huge job for the day- celebrating you! So you’ll want to make sure they aren’t overwhelmed with any extra distracting tasks.

Whoever it is that you have in mind, make sure they are up for the challenge and prepared before your day begins because coordination is definitely not for the faint of heart!

In advance, thank you! –

All of your wedding day vendors 🙂

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