Modern Glam Summer Wedding at The Church on Main in Chattanooga, TN

Madison and Aaron have to be, by far, one of my most cherished couples.

During our initial consultation, Madison told me that she didn’t feel super comfortable in front of the camera and that she had a bit of anxiety about the whole process.

Totally normal, right!? Who hasn’t had a Chandler moment when put in front of a camera and asked to act naturally? (Oh “Friends”, how I love you.)

So while preparing for their engagement session, I decided that I would take extra care and allow a little extra time if needed just in case we needed a little break here and there.

What I didn’t expect was to be a witness of true partnership and compatibility.

We decided to explore Coolidge Park and the surrounding alleyways that lead you through the shops off of Fraiser Ave on the North Shore of Chattanooga, TN. With each transition came an ease of positioning. Their personalities started to shine through and anxiety visibly released with every new embrace. There was one moment when Madison physically relaxed when she was in Aaron’s embrace. I’ve never seen such comfort, protection, and contentment.


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This right here friends… this is why I love what I do. The ability to witness an interaction between two people in such a private and intimate way is so inspiring and I am so thankful that these two gave me the opportunity to witness their love.

Guys, we haven’t even made it to their big day!!

I can’t even express the amount of happiness that surrounded Madison and Aaron on their wedding day!


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The weather was blaringly perfect (for the south), the venue (The Church on Main) was gorgeously adorned with white draperies (Decor 1601), white and green florals (designed by my good friend Liza Greever with Fox & Fern Style), and the isle was lined with white rose petals. Everything was perfect thanks to The Gray Fox and their amazing coordination and design team.

I love following the bride around while she prepares to walk down the isle. The excitement of the day brings a ton of fun as well as emotional moments that are so easy to capture. Madison and Aaron were surrounded by so many loved ones!


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Madison’s #bridetribe definitely did an amazing job making sure she looked her best!

…and man, she was absolutely STUNNING!


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Aaron was looking super handsome!


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After a quick prayer from their pastor, she walked down the aisle to meet Aaron (who had a huge smile on his face)!


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Then came portraits! We started out with family which always comes with many warm embraces and well wishes. That bridal party though… hilarious!


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Awesome. We had so much fun! I knew after spending the day with this crowd that it was bound to be a heck of a party. AND IT WAS! Oh man, I’ve never seen so many people dance at a reception! It was so fun capturing all of the awesome dance moves and crazy props that people started grabbing from the photobooth as the night went on. Lots of laughs editing this group of photos!


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I am so honored to have had the opportunity to be there to capture Madison and Aaron’s special day and am so thrilled for them! Congratulations guys! May you have a lifetime of happiness!