Wedding Proposal Photography on Lover’s Leap at Rock City, Lookout Mountain.

“I could keep going but this woman has brought back the feeling of “the one” that I had lost hope for along time ago.”

Kunjan and Neha’s love story started in Kunjan’s parent’s Indian grocery store. Neha saw Kunjan for the first time there, but Kunjan had seen her for the first time around campus and around mutual friends. As curiosity grew, the two would make excuses to see each other. Neha would run by the grocery, while Kunjan would sneak a chocolate bar to her while she was working. Kunjan decided that Neha was ‘the one’ after witnessing her commitment to family and personal strength and perseverance.

Kunjan contacted me from out of town to capture his proposal to Neha. They were on a planned vacation where they were touring through a couple states to see the sights, but Kunjan had a special stop planned. The proposal happened at Rock City on the outer ledge of Lovers Leap. The following images will tell you the rest of the story.

I am so thankful to have met this sweet couple, even though too brief, and wish them the best that life can offer! Congratulations guys!